A Very, Very Cool Book Is Born

We are working on a book called Awesome Indie Owners (or something catchy like that), which tells the stories of twenty highly successful independent restaurant owners. It’s going to be an absolute must-have for anybody who wants to own a restaurant. I can confidently tell you it’s going to be an incredible book. And I’m not being arrogant.

You see, the book is simply a compilation of interviews with these owners. They have all kinds of wisdom and knowledge and experience, and they have offered to share it. My role is simply to ask them questions, collect their answers, and share it all with you.

So far we have spoken to Joe Johnston and Tad Peelen of Joe’s Real BBQ, Rich Taubin of Friends Coastal Restaurant, Jeff Gigante of the Ciccio Restaurant Group and Scott Maitland of Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery. I will follow this post with summaries of those interviews, and with summaries of every interview I conduct.

And by the way, each person I have interviewed has taught me something valuable about running a business. So I’ve already learned that while this book will be mostly about owning restaurants, it will also contain tons of general business wisdom.

Twenty successful restaurant owners. Tons of wisdom. One fun and educational book. Stay tuned…