Awesome Indie Restaurant Bananas Diner Jumps on the Schedulefly Train

Bananas Diner opened recently in Orlando, and they’ve got a cool, fun concept and a GREAT philosophy. Check out this quote from co-owner Eddie Nickell: “We envision the wait staff getting to know people on a personal level, how they like their coffee and what their favorite dish is. This is the place that you can always count on for excellent comfort food and a relaxing atmosphere early in the morning, for lunch, or even late at night. It’s all the best food and sense of community that a good diner can provide. This is the kind of place where you can see yourself becoming a ‘regular’.”

We’re excited the fun, personable team at Bananas is using our restaurant staff scheduling app to help make their lives easier. And we wish them a very successful first year!

The Schedulefly Crew