It All Starts With Play-Doh

I am working this morning in my kitchen with my 3yr old son Joel – and the creativity is flat out soaring. We’ve got Yo La Tengo playing on the Sonos and we are not saying a word to each other…just building. Nothing is distracting us – we are in our element. He is building stars and a moon with his Play-Doh and I am continuing to build a business with my 2 partners – both in different cities. I think back to the path I’ve taken to get to this point – the dress pants, the cubicles, the offices, the meetings, the corporate environments where I never got comfortable and rarely got much done. While I met some great people and learned stuff along the way – the full on passion was never there. It’s just a process (I guess) to end up where you really want to be.

Today I am watching Joel build all kinds of shapes and animals with his Play-Doh and I can see in his eyes and his focus and his determination that he loves it. He loves what he is building. I only hope when he is my age that he has that same passion and is in the same position with his son or daughter as we are today. I hope he ends up being in a place he really wants to be – building something fun.

Wil and I are enjoying using this blog to share snippets of our journey with Tyler (the smart partner who wastes no time blogging) and Schedulefly. We hope it is interesting and maybe it helps inspire someone along the way…