New Feature: Get Your Daily Crib Sheet Delivered To Your Inbox

We’ve added a feature that allows managers to get their daily crib sheet as an email each morning. The crib sheet is a handy list of everyone scheduled for the day – including their in/out times, contact information and any descriptive shift notes like “Open”, “Patio” etc. We also include any events or notes that have been posted on that day as well…like reservations. The name of each scheduled staff member is a link to their email address – clicking it on a computer or touching it on a mobile device will open a new email message to them. Their cell number on most mobile devices will be linked for an easy one touch phone call.

The daily crib sheet is often printed by our customers and left at the hostess stand or somewhere where managers can quickly double check coverage for the day. Our mobile site allows managers to view the crib sheet on the go – and now they can opt-in to have it sitting in their inbox when they wake up.

Admins: this new check box is on the My Account page – in the system alert section

Here is a crib sheet I got this morning…

Keepin’ It Simple and Useful,
The Schedulefly Crew