Restaurant’s Social Networks Are Packed With Followers And Fans Looking For Jobs

Just a quick update on our Restaurant Job Sharing Site. Each week more and more restaurants are posting open jobs and sharing them on their social networks – which is bringing in applications from local talent that are familiar with the restaurant or someone on staff. In most cases the staff are also sharing the job openings with their personal networks – driving in qualified candidates that they already know. The candidates see the post from someone they know at the restaurant and hop on over to the job page and apply online. The hiring managers get an email alert when this happens and can review the resumes and comments from candidates online at any time. They can of course go back and look at past job openings (that are closed now) and review the old applications. Maybe the person that was not the right fit last month is a good fit now. It’s nice and neat and simple.

Here are a few restaurants that have posted job openings in the last few weeks…

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The Schedulefly Crew