A Knob Creek Cheers Over Email

Last week Wes sent me an email with no subject, and no text. It simply contained the pic to the right. But I smiled wryly when I received it, knowing exactly what it was about. We had just passed a cool milestone for our business, and he was having a late afternoon celebratory drink. That’s his favorite drink there…a Knob Creek.

I love this aspect of our business. We don’t go overboard to celebrate, wasting a bunch of money. Rather we just do stuff like sending each other pics of our small batch whiskey drinks, and move on. Sure, we’re stoked about the milestone, but only enough to take a few sips, lend each other a congratulatory nod, and then re-focus on the next milestone. Remember Barry Sanders, who was one of the greatest running backs in NFL history? When he scored a touchdown, he didn’t dance, jig, jive, or make a big scene. He smiled, handed the ball to the ref, and jogged to the sideline. He was glad to have scored, but he wasn’t done yet and he was already thinking about how he would do it again. I always liked that approach. Humble, confident, and easily re-focused on what’s next.

Keepin’ It Focused,