Be Like Zappos. Any Way You Can.

Want your customers to return, again, and again, and again? Want them to proactively tell people how awesome you are? Then be like Zappos. Any way you can.

Yesterday was a Sunday, and yesterday at 10:30am I clicked to purchase a pair of the shoes from Zappos. Again…on a Sunday. The box pictured below arrived in my office at 2pm today. It’s Monday. The next day. Just over 24 hours later after I ordered them, which, one more time….was on a SUNDAY! And because I have purchased a few things from them before, I got free overnight shipping. Yes, that’s right, FREE overnight shipping. And if they don’t fit or I don’t like them or, heck, just because…I can return them with free return shipping. And I have 365 days to do it.

Now why in the world wouldn’t I buy stuff from them? And why wouldn’t I write a blog post about them? In some ways it’s a sad state that what they do is such a big deal. But it is. Barely anybody else “gets it.” It’s incredibly rare that a retail store or a restaurant or a software business or a bank – or any business in any industry – gets the simple concept that if you “Deliver WOW Through Service,” your customers will just keep on coming back. Again, and again, and again. And maybe they’ll even blog about you.

Zappos, ya’ll rock!