High Tech Pi Pizzeria Truck Powered By Twitter, Square And Schedulefly

Pi Pizzeria has been a great customer for a little over a year now, so we are happy to welcome their new Pi Pizza Truck to the family! They have this cool pizza truck that uses new technology from the founder of Twitter to process pizza orders on the streets of St. Louis. They use Twitter to let people know where they are going to be each day, and they use Square (and an iPad) to let hungry people on the street pay for pizza with their debit cards! And of course – they use Schedulefly to keep the pizza truck drivers informed on when they need to gas up the truck and hit the road. Check out this cool video about the truck.

Pi Pizzeria is a phenomenal restaurant that has been wildly successful since opening on 3/14/08 (“Pi Day”). We interviewed the owner, Chris Sommers, for our upcoming book, and he is one smart, creative, passionate business owner who is on the cutting edge while also serving up absolutely fantastic pizza. Spend some time on Pi’s web site and check out the cool stuff they are doing.

The Schedulefly Crew