I’ll Take Dream Companies and Iron Man Over Gigantic Businesses and Suits Every Day

These two magazines arrived in my mail box on the same day. It took me no time to realize it’s time to cancel one subscription. Care to guess which one?

I am so thankful that a career that started out in banking, with visions of being CEO of a large bank and admiration for folks like the guy on your left, veered off into the world of start up businesses and dream companies. Which means that this morning, I don’t have to hustle in to some office tower for a series of meetings, conference calls, and other high pressure activities in an attempt to keep my job and try to please some person who sits on the top floor and has unrealistic expectations.

Rather, I will spend some time with my three year old son, who is not going to preschool because he’s sick today. We’ll watch the Superheroes DVD you see there in this pic, and I’ll call Fortune to ask them to stop sending me magazines I can’t relate to any longer. Meanwhile, I’ll devour Inc. while my son devours his breakfast, and most likely I’ll start my work day with an idea or two that I got from Inc. that could help our business in some way.

Thankful Every Day for Being a Part of a Small Business,