Moonlight Pizza Joins the Movement – Happy Staff And Great Pizza Make Happy Customers!

It’s so much fun to check out our indie restaurant customer’s web sites. They are often so full of life and unique and fun and, well, they make us wish we could go visit every single one of them! So here’s a link to new customer Moonlight Pizza‘s site.

Check out this quote on their home page: “We have the best pizza you will ever taste, and mind bending margaritas.” Try to find a large chain that would make the same kind of claim. You can’t. Some person in “legal” would stop them even if they tried. In fact, all you’ll find on most large pizza chain’s sites is big messages about price cuts and cheap pizza.

Another fun (and unique) link on their site is the “Staff” link – click it and you’ll see cool pics of some of their staff members. I mean really – how cool and unconventional is that? (See photo/description below of one of their team members) Most businesses put tired photos and boring bios of their big shot executive team on their site – not fun photos with fun descriptions of the staff that actually make the pizza and actually speak to customers. Clearly the owners love their staff and believe giving them tools like Schedulefly is important. It is important because it makes the lives of their staff easier – so they are happier – and they smile more. Customers like smiling staff and yes – really tasty pizza.

We don’t know owner Kim Bouldin’s story, and how they got started. But it’s clear from scanning their web site that it’s an interesting story about somebody who has genuine passion for her business and is not afraid to be herself. We’re going to find out and let you know.

Having Fun Serving Fun Customers,
The Schedulefly Crew