Schedulefly Helps Restaurants Organize Their Social Media Recruiting Efforts

Over 1000 restaurant job seekers have applied for the 150 or so jobs that have been posted so far at Each week – more customers are using our job posting tool – available to them inside Schedulefly. Job web pages are created by a restaurant manager or owner and then posted and shared wherever they like – often on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and their own blogs – sites where quality candidates are following them. Of course restaurants were already telling their social networks about new job openings, many just lacked a good way to manage the flood of applications that came in. Emails and phone calls mostly. Now its much more organized.

When someone applies online – we store their contact info, any comments they’ve entered and their resume inside Schedulefly. We also send the management team an email alert when an application is submitted with the details and resume attached. Job openings can also be toggled on/off – so a job that is filled can be taken down and then put back up if the position needs to be filled again. This is helpful since the history of job applications (old or new) are always available to review – and easier to deal with than looking back through old emails or paper applications in a folder on a desk.

Here are a few of the latest venues to post open jobs…

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