Texas Roadhouse in Waco, TX LOVES Schedulefly

The crew at Texas Roadhouse in Waco, TX – all 120 of them – used to have to deal with all kinds of phone calls and scraps of paper and drive-bys to deal with staff scheduling issues. In fact it was such a pain for Kassy Wagner, the service manager, that she pays for Schedulefly personally. That’s right…watch here and she’ll tell you why:

And by the way, how many softwares do you know of that people use the word “love” to describe? How many softwares do you love? Our awesome users love Schedulefly.

We didn’t ask Kassy or her crew to say any of this. We just mailed them a Flip cam and asked them to send back some clips of what they think about Schedulefly. And you know why they were happy to do it and why their videos are so clearly genuine? It’s simple. We’re making their lives easier, and in the hectic world of working in a restaurant, you can win friends quickly when you do anything to make their lives a little bit easier.

Thanks to Kassy and the cool, fun crew at Texas Roadhouse. We love you too!

The Schedulefly Crew