These Two Amigos are Living More, Loving More & Laughing More in West Chester PA

One of the really cool by-products that is surfacing here at Schedulefly is the unique opportunity to shine a light on thousands of sharp entrepreneurs that have decided the restaurant industry is where they want to hang their shingle. Some knew a whole bunch about running a restaurant and some had no clue – but they all had passion and reasons for starting their own small business. Our focus on independent restaurants is not only allowing us learn exactly what they need and fine tune our product to serve them – but it also allows us to meet the entrepreneurs behind the business, speak to them and hear their stories. It is inspiring!

Seems like all we read about these days are the technology companies with a bunch of VC money and a bunch of high paid employees and tech veterans taking the world by storm with some new product that is a must have – but I am here to tell you that there are some amazing success stories and passionate business people in the restaurant industry too – and most had no money and no help when they got started. I learn about new ones every single day. They are everywhere and you’ve likely never heard of any of them! If someone could create a publication like Inc. magazine for the independent restaurant industry – that would be cool. Heck – I would think the WSJ could talk less about the Twitters and Facebooks and more about the chefs and business savvy restaurateurs doing cool things that, while risky and not easy, are likely more repeatable and more achievable for their readers. I guess many restaurant owners might disagree and say a truck load of money from an investor would have made things a lot easier.

So finally back to the main reason for this post – I was reading more about a cool new customer – Mas Mexicali in West Chester PA. Yet another great story about 2 amigos – John and Dave – with a unique and fun concept and the passion to do their own thing. They just opened back in May and we are stoked to be helping them stay on top of communicating with their 70+ staff! Check out their story.


P.S I just moseyed over to Inc. magazine’s website and I’ll be darned if there is not an article on the home page about starting an organic restaurant! That story led me to some articles and tips from restaurant industry people. That’s cool.