Toronto’s Drake Hotel Bakes Schedulefly Content Into Their Own Web Systems

When I first wrote Schedulefly 5 years ago, I also created a simple API for it. An API allows other systems to easily pull in Schedulefly data – like employee schedules, employee information etc. At the time we did not have a customer that was interested in using the API – I created it just in case. I had come from a previous business where an API was important for many of our customers. Our customers were large banks. Banks are usually big and have big IT departments with software people whose job is to integrate systems in an effort to make the lives of their bankers easier. Our API allowed them to gather our data and present it in their systems however they liked…in a really easy way.

So anyway – the Schedulefly API allows this same kind of integration. I’ll be honest though – most small businesses don’t care about this – and would rather not complicate things by trying to integrate systems. Sure – integration is supposed to make life easier, but when it doesn’t work as expected it can be a pain. Plus, even if they did want to integrate stuff – many don’t have the time or the resources to implement it. So my point is – our API is kind of lonely and does not get used much. Independent restaurants love our software and don’t usually care about integration.

There are a few exceptions and one is the trendy Drake Hotel in Toronto. They are a long time Schedulefly customer. They have a huge staff – around 200 employees. They have a super sharp guy on staff who helps them with web based software and internal systems. He and I hooked up awhile back regarding our API. He wanted to pull in Schedulefly schedules and other information so his staff would have it right there on their desktop. I sent him the URL to our API and within a few hours he was building some pretty cool stuff. He agreed to share a screen shot of their internal system with Schedulefly data displayed inside. It has sensitive data so most of it is blurred out but you can see staff schedule information in the first shot below – in the left sidebar. The second shot shows their employment section on their website. They use Schedulefly’s job post feature to post open jobs and they integrated the open jobs into their own website and even integrated the application form in there as well. Pretty cool. Anytime someone visits their website and applies for a job – their info and their resume get stored nice and neat inside Schedulefly…and they also get an email alert with resume attached.

Here are those screen shots…

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