Unnecessary Interruptions At The Restaurant Are Dwindling!

Since last Sunday (7 days ago) at Schedulefly, the following events happened – most of which likely stopped a few phone calls and interruptions from happening:

1. 109,550 people logged into Schedulefly (11,736 were on our mobile site). Many of these logins were staff helping themselves to information that, in the past, would been phone calls that interrupted someone doing something more important. People are logging in to check schedules, read messages from managers, request time off, trades shifts and more.

2. 2,978 schedules were posted online. These are weekly team schedules like Wait Staff, Bartender, Host, etc. Most schedules have at least 15-20 or more staff on them…so probably 40,000+ individual schedules were sent to staff via email and text. Again – lots of phone calls and trips to the restaurant that used to happen – didn’t.

3. 4,605 schedule change requests were approved online. Many of these requests were made and approved using a mobile device. Think about that for a sec. Each schedule change involves at least 3 people – the person giving up the shift, the person who wants it and the manager who is approving or declining the change. Prior to Schedulefly, one single change would have likely meant multiple phone calls to and from the restaurant…and maybe even a physical trip to the restaurant by one or more involved.

WOW! That’s cool so thought I’d share.