Boylan Bridge Brewpub Now Has Schedulelfy On Tap

One of the coolest things about running Schedulefly is getting to serve so many unique businesses run by truly unique people. People with really cool success stories. We serve restaurants with unique concepts, locations and owners.

Our software is loved by independent restaurateurs and teams led by entrepreneurs who trust their staff and know that making the staff happy by using simple useful tools is going to make their customers happy too. What’s cool is that this circle of happiness creates a highly successful business which in turns means they do well and they renew with us each month. In fact – 99% of our customers renew their Schedulefly subscription every month. That is amazingly cool. I think that has a lot to say about the kinds of customers we serve.

Ok – got off on a tangent there – but my point about uniqueness came up when thinking about the Boylan Bridge Brewpub in downtown Raleigh NC – a new customer of ours.

Check out the photo gallery on their website and you can almost taste their uniqueness. You can tell they love their staff and they love what they do. We are proud to have you guys on board – welcome!