The Melting Pot – An Online Restaurant Staff Scheduling Pioneer

The Melting Pot is truly a pioneer in the adoption of online restaurant staff scheduling and communication to make the lives of their staff easier. Before most, they saw the benefits of providing a self-service tool for their entire staff – the managers as well as the wait staff, hosts, bartenders and kitchen staff. A Melting Pot location in Ohio was one of our very first paying customers over 3 years ago. Over the years, they have helped us better understand exactly what restaurant management and staff need (and nothing else) when delivering schedules, monitoring labor costs and communicating with staff.

Since then, through good old word of mouth, we’ve added Melting Pots in Massachusetts, Idaho, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina and Alberta Canada.

Today we welcome the latest addition to our family – a Melting Pot in Idaho. Thanks George for your continued support and your help in sharing your Schedulefly success with others!