Wil and Wes Remake Tin Cup

Earlier this year Wil and I met for a few days down near Pawleys Island SC for a little brainstorming and some relaxing over a round of golf. The brainstorming was fun and easy. We agree on nearly everything – so it was a lot of yes, sounds cool, let’s do it.

The golf – well – it was not so easy. It was textbook amateur golf. We teamed up with a couple members at one of the eleven thousand gorgeous golf courses down there and set out to smash the course record. Instead of that – we emptied brand new sleeves of $5 titleists into lakes, sand traps and back yards. Most tee shots ended with a “You think that’s OB?”. The other 3 would confidently say…”Yes, hit another”.

Unbeknownst to Wil, I took this highlight of him on a par 3 so short you could have thrown it in birdie range. The best part of the clip (other than the maintenance guy keeping his leaf blower on, stopping b/w shots and restarting right before Wil hits his 2nd) is the guy in our group at the end saying “Not bad at all…right straight at it”.

Just trying to keep it in play,