Customers Proudly Displaying Schedulefly Badges

A few customers have recently told us that Schedulefly is a competitive advantage for them when hiring. They are proud to tell potential new staff that they use our service. They feel they have a leg up on those that might still be hanging the schedule in the kitchen and requiring trips by the restaurant to switch shifts etc. They are proud to let future staff know that they use Schedulefly to make their lives easier. It is a benefit for the staff. We are so honored that our tool adds that kind of value. Awesome!

So we created a couple of badges for them to choose from and display on the their website to let visitors know that they use Schedulefly to make the staff happy. Here are a few that have just added them – 2 on the employment page and one on a home page!

Pi Pizzeria

Friends Coastal Restaurant

Arch Rock Fish

Looking forward to spotting some more on the web…