Poole’s Downtown Diner Joins The Movement!

Welcome to Ashely, Matt and the awesome team at Poole’s Downtown Diner in Raleigh, NC. We’re stoked to help make your restaurant staff scheduling & communication clean and simple…and fun!

Poole’s is the place to be (and to be seen) in Raleigh. Marrying a clean aesthetic with retro-chic charm, Chef/Owner Ashley Christensen restored and highlighted the “bones” of the original restaurant that was in Poole’s location, which opened in 1945. Poole’s has a double horseshoe bar and red leather banquettes, along with modern elements like Lucite chairs, and over sized blackboard menus that change daily based on season and availability. Whenever possible, Poole’s works with local growers and artisan producers to showcase their craft, while practicing their own.

Y’all have fun, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

The Schedulefly Crew