Restaurant Owners Uncorked Generating Excitement

Wil was stoked to receive this email today from Frank Uible. Frank is partners with Chris Sommers at Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis, MO, which is phenomenally popular and very successful.


I am Chris Sommers’ business partner in Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis; I loved your interview with Chris for your forthcoming book. As the Co-Founder of Pi I started to read with skepticism and dubious interest…after all, I thought to myself, I was there. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. It was riveting dialogue with a compelling narrative line.

I read every word (twice) AND learned things about Pi and my experience that I didn’t know.

I am asking you for reprint permission so that I may give a copy of the interview to each and every Pi employee and future new hire. This is Pi high doctrine and gospel…a great gift to all of us.

Thanks for your consideration, Wil, and congratulations on job well-done.

Frank R. Uible III

Chris’s interview was fantastic, as were the other nineteen interviews. If you own a restaurant, want to own a restaurant, or want to know how successful restaurant owners think, then you’ll love Restaurant Owners Uncorked!

The Schedulefly Crew