The Stars of Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Chester Kroeger

Chester Kroeger has owned Fudpucker’s for over 30 years. He started it out of a snack bar in a nightclub, and grew it to a famous brand. Chester has found the right blend of passion and good business sense, and he’s the kind of guy you’ll learn something from every time you speak to him. He has been successful for several decades, and he is still as excited about his business as ever. During his interview, he shared quite a few pearls of wisdom, such as…

– Have a hook to draw people in
– Offer bargains, but not without a profit
– Make your customers feel special
– Reward successful ideas
– Timely reporting is critical
– Have the final say

You can read Chester’s interview in its entirety soon. Stay tuned…

The Schedulefly Crew