Welcome to the crew at Save the Fish Burger Bar

Adam and the team at Save the Fish in North Canton, OH are enjoying easier lives with Schedulefly at their fingertips. Their restaurant scheduling, communication and organization are now a cinch.

We see tons of restaurant web sites, and it’s always fun to find ones that tell a fun, memorable story like this one…


The History of “Save The Fish Burger Bar”

In 1963 the “Save the Fish” name and state of mind was born on the back of an old wooden Chris Craft boat. She was retired to Dock #22 at Newburry Port Harbour, Plum Island, Mass.The old boat was certainly not sea worthy but she made for many happy hours of eating, drinking, and fun-livin’! Sailors from the local Coast Guard light house station would spend many nights raising glasses high, toasting and yelling into the night “Save the Fish”.

A tribute to the sea and tradition was born…before heading out for duty, Dock #22 and the aging “Save the Fish” boat became the gathering place. Telling stories, drinking beer, and burgers sizzling off the grill soon became a nightly occurrence for off duty sailors and locals. “Save the Fish” became a way of life and a battle cry for the Island. There was only one rule…there was never any fishing when off duty. There was plenty of time for such activities like fishing while out to sea. At Dock #22 they Save the Fish and passed the burgers and beer!


A “state of mind.” A “way of life.” It’s easy to sense the passion and went into creating Save the Fish, and we love serving passionate people. Y’all have fun, and let us know if we can do anything for you.

The Schedulefly Crew