Why You Need to Be a Confident Maverick to Start a Restaurant

TechCrunch recently featured a fantastic article on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The article lists several common entrepreneurial personality traits:

-Not very status-oriented
-Doesn’t follow rules very well and questions authority
-Can handle high degrees of ambiguity or uncertainty
-Can handle rejection, being told “no” often and yet still have the confidence in your idea
-Very decisive. A bias toward making decisions – even when only right 70% of the time – moving forward & correcting what doesn’t work
-A high level of confidence in your own ideas and ability to execute
-Not highly susceptible to stress
-Have a high risk tolerance
-Not scared or ashamed of failure
-Can handle long hours, travel, lack of sleep and the trade-offs of having less time for hobbies & other stuff

The restaurant owners we interviewed for Restaurant Owners Uncorked emphasized these points as well, when asked what it takes to own a restaurant, and why many restaurants fail.

If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to start a restaurant one day, or to start any kind of business, read this article and pay attention. It highlights the roller coaster of emotions that you’ll inevitably ride, and paints a great picture of the pros and cons of following your dream.

The Schedulefly Crew