You Gotta Like It: Restaurant Owners Uncorked is on Facebook

As you may know, Restaurant Owners Uncorked is a collection of in depth interviews with 20 passionate, highly successful independent restaurant owners. It is finished and with our publisher being created. It should be ready in early March. The stories behind these restaurants and their owners are unique, repeatable and flat out inspiring. If you are an aspiring restaurant owner, a rookie owner or even a veteran owner – you will connect with at least one of the 20 stories in this book. In fact – here are 2 of the stars and their thoughts on how they believe this book will help restaurant owners, including themselves…

We’ve setup a Restaurant Owners Uncorked Facebook Page and would love to have you “like it”. We will of course announce when it is available to buy, but more importantly we will share some amazing advice, tips and lessons learned from everyone in the book. In fact, our plan is to continue interviewing our customers and sharing their fun stories with people who want to know what it takes and what it’s like to own and operate a successful independent restaurant. We have tons of successful stories to share. Please come join the party!

Wil, Tyler and Wes
The Schedulefly Crew