Raleigh NC restaurants using Schedulefly

The Mellow Mushroom on Peace street in Raleigh NC was the very first restaurant to use Schedulefly. They started using it sometime in 2006 – back when it was running on server at my house in Raleigh. They’ve been a customer ever since and really helped us early on by suggesting stuff to add or change. As it got better and easier to use and after we moved it to a real data center (so it wouldn’t go down when I tripped over the power cord) they brought on their Durham location. Since then nearly 1000 wait staff, managers, bartenders, hosts, chefs, baristas etc. at some great places in Raleigh have started using Schedulefly to make their lives easier at work.

I was thinking today how proud I am that we are serving these restaurants and while we are certainly not taking any city (Raleigh or otherwise) by storm – we are slowly bringing on some fantastic venues with sharp owners and great staff. What’s cool is a few of our customers in Raleigh were places where I ate and drank while I was developing Schedulefly. I remember thinking, man, these places are gonna dig this….one day.