The Stars of Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Keith Paul

Keith Paul and his wife, Heather, opened their first restaurant in 2000. Now they own A Good Egg Dining Group, which has six extremely successful and popular restaurants (Cheever’s Cafe, Iron Starr Urban BBQ, Red PrimeSteak, Market-C, Republic Gastropub, Pops) and a catering business (Cheever’s Catering). Keith came from the food distribution business, having worked at Ben E. Keith Foods for a number of years. Six successful restaurants in 10 years? Pay attention to what Keith has to say…

– Don’t advertise – just focus on what’s going on inside your four walls
– Learn from everybody on your team – you don’t know it all
– Look for good people over experienced ones
– Be second to your staff’s family
– Number two won’t balance a failing number one
– Being top heavy is O.K. if you’ve got great people

Want to learn more from Keith? The book will be on Amazon next week!

The Schedulefly Crew