The Stars of Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Mic Heynekamp

Mic and Molley Heynekamp started Socorro Springs Restaurant & Brewery in 1999. After four and a half years of planning, they took their original $1,000,000 business plan down to $100,000. And they wound up starting with only $70,000. Ten years later they opened Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery. Both restaurants have been very successful, and Mic and Molley plan to open a third in May, 2011. How could you not want to learn from a guy that started with 7% of what he initially thought it would take to get started, and made it work – extremely well? Mic runs lean and highly profitable restaurants, and he had quite a few pearls of wisdom to share in his interview, such as…

– Most startup books are wrong – you can start with little money
– You can dominate in small towns
– Run really lean and you can be highly profitable
– Find a mentor
– Eat at other restaurants – often
– Get all of the details right to create a pearl for your customers

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