Fly Tips – A few ways to maximize Schedulefly

We decided to start sending an email 3-4 times per year to our Admin users, to make sure you know how to fully leverage Schedulefly to make your lives easier. We’re calling the broadcasts “Fly Tips.” Here’s the first one. Enjoy…

Fly Tips from Schedulefly April 2011

Sfly Admin users, we’ve built some simple tools to make your life easier. Next time you’re logged in, click the “SF Tools” link in the top right nav to find the following…

Job Posts
A simple, quick way to post job openings online (on your web site, Twitter, Craigslist, etc.), collect and store resumes, collaborate with fellow managers to share notes on applicants, and make the hiring process easy for you and your applicants.

My Reminders
Send yourself (and others) email reminders to appear in your email inbox on any future date. There’s no easier way to remind yourself to do something!

Schedulefly Badges
Pop these up on your web site to show your customers your commitment to being green, or to gain a competitive edge when hiring by showing prospective employees you provide a cool benefit that makes their lives easier. Here’s how a couple of customers are using them…

Pi Pizzeria

Friends Coastal Restaurant

Arch Rock Fish

Restaurant Owners Uncorked
Also, we’re excited to launch our book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Twenty Owners Share Their Recipes for Success. It’s an easy, fun read and it’s only $14.99 on Amazon. There is also a Kindle version for $9.99. Check it out and spread the word!

The Schedulefly Crew