ROI is nice, but it’s not why I use Schedulefly

Every now and then we get a testimonial from a customer that I want to display on our homepage all by itself – because it just gets to the core of how we help restaurants and why restaurant owners keep paying us every month. I seriously want to have a blank white page with only the quote and maybe a big button to sign up for a trial. Should I try it? Is that stupid? Probably. Well I won’t for now because my partners might faint. If I do try it one day though – below is the first one I will use. It’s a comment from Kevin Horne. Kevin is the owner of a Great Harvest Bread Bakery in Lincoln NE. He has a small staff (20 employees) – but I know customers with 10x the number of staff agree with his feelings…maybe even more!

“It would not be that hard to create schedules the old fashioned way, but managing time off requests, shift trades, etc. is not what I want to be doing. I want to be baking, thinking up new products, and talking to customers. ROI is nice, but that isn’t why I use Schedulefly. Plus my employees love it. They see me as a cool with-it employer. I post a schedule and forget it. I love it.”

Thanks Kevin for saying that out loud…we are thrilled your here.