The Stars of Restaurant Owners Uncorked: Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts is a legend in the restaurant business, having launched over a dozen successful restaurants, including Buca di Beppo and The Oceanaire Seafood Room, which both went public. He owns Parasole Restaurant Group, which has 10 extremely successful restaurants (Mozza Mia, Pittsburgh Blue, Il Gatto, Burger Jones, Manny’s Steakhouse, Chino Latino, Uptown Cafeteria, Muffuletta, Salut, and Good Earth). Phil is bold, innovative, and knows what people want before they do. He’s refreshingly unafraid to offer very honest opinions on any topic. Here are a few of of the topics we covered in his interview for Restaurant Owners Uncorked:

– Be great at a few things, not average at a lot of things
– Check the view from 30,000 feet
– Edgy marketing gets free PR
– Be ready to work when everybody else is playing
– You’ve got to get every spoke in the wheel right
– Have a cookbook in one hand, and a P&L in the other

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