Hire sales people for every position

One of the fun parts of interviewing restaurant owners for Restaurant Owners Uncorked was learning all of their unique business philosophies. Each of the twenty owners said at least 2-3 things in their interviews that made me pause and think, “Now that’s interesting!”

For example, check out this passage from Matt Frey at Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream. Maybe other owners do the same – but Matt’s comment was the first time I’ve heard anybody say they hire sales people for every position in their restaurant.

It makes a lot of sense for Matt’s operation. He focuses on grooming sales people to interact with his customers, and he wants everybody he hires to aspire to be customer-facing so they can make more money. I bet you can find lots of people who can wash dishes. But can you find people with the hunger to grow and the desire to succeed coupled with the willingness to start at the bottom in exchange for an opportunity to work their way to the top? If you can, I bet you’re running a successful operation.

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