Schedulefly attracts fun customers…

Most of our customers are cool and happy and easy to talk to and excited about our software. It’s so much fun to serve them. And they are glad to know we’re having fun while doing it. You couldn’t ask for anything more as a business owner.

I’m handling our support right now because Tyler is traveling. I picked up support around 1pm yesterday. At 5pm I went with my friend to the U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) here in Charlotte, N.C. (If you like rafting or kayaking or mountain biking or hiking or rock climbing or just being outdoors, this place is INCREDIBLE! It’s a destination. Come visit it.)

At 6pm I received a voice mail from the owner of a restaurant that had been running a free trial. He was happy with our software and wanted to convert to being a paying customer. He called to give us his credit card number. Meanwhile, I was on a Stand-Up Paddleboard.

Here’s how the conversation went when I called him back at 8pm when I had gotten off the water …

Me: “Hey Charlie, it’s Wil from Schedulefly.”

Charlie: “Hey there Wil. What are you doing working so late?”

Me: “Well, I was stand-up paddleboarding at the U.S. National Whitewater Center when you called.”

Charlie: “Aw, well, F*** you. (Laughs). Y’all are my kind of people.”

Well, Charlie, you are our kind of people.

When I used to sell to banks, I remember not wanting them to know that my company only had three people at the time. And that I worked out of my apartment. I would ask my wife to take our puppies on a walk when I had a customer call so the person didn’t hear them in the background. I asked her not to empty the dishwasher or fill a cup with ice when I was on the phone. I sold to very serious professional people who expected me to be serious and professional as well. I would have never said I was at the USNWC when I was talking to one of them, even if I were.

I didn’t have to hide what I was doing when I talked to Charlie. In fact, he was glad to hear it. He wanted to be there with me. And instead of worrying if our business has enough people to take care of him and his restaurant, he loves that we figured out how to do this with three people. I can talk to him with a live band playing in the background and it doesn’t matter. In fact, it makes him like us more.

Charlie is like all of our customers. The people who like Schedulefly tend to be happy. Down to earth. Easy to talk to. People who use Schedulefly are fun. And we have a lot of fun serving them, and while we’re serving them.