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Month: July 2011

"I don’t see the chains as competition…"

Kirk Vartan owns A Slice of New York, a pizza joint with two locations in the Bay Area. His response to the question we posed to restaurant owners (“What is your strategy for competing with chains?”) caught my attention. He had me hooked with his first sentence.

“I don’t really see chains as competition. We offer a quality product. We don’t measure toppings. We put love into our pies. We pay our employees well. We care about our staff. We prioritize our customers over profit. We provide top quality service. We do not squeeze every last nickel and minute out of our employees. We treat our employees and customers with respect. Our employees are empowered to take care of a customer problem on the spot.

The chains don’t really do any of this. They are forced to focus on every cent because they owe to the chain. As a business, we don’t make as much as we could, but that’s OK. We focus on customer satisfaction and a quality product.”

Bold, honest and great summary of how (I think) many other independent restaurant owners view their business.


"I would like to have a chat with you…"

Recently I wrote this blog post about sending out copies of our book to people with leverage. People that might be able to help us get the book and/or our brand in front of lots of people.

Arthur Gallagher, president of the Charlotte campus of Johnson & Wales, sent me this nice note in reply. I meet with him next Wednesday. I’m excited. I have no idea what he wants to discuss, but I know I’ll learn something. I hope I can offer something meaningful to him in return, and not waste his time. My plan for the meeting is to ask him to tell me what he liked about the book and why, what advice he has for me, and what I can do for him, if anything.

I’ll follow up after the meeting with summary of what happened. Wish me luck!


Good news from restaurant owners…

It’s fun to text the owners of restaurants that use Schedulefly, and find out what’s on their minds. I love seeing the positive news and upbeat responses, and finding out what they are up to. Here are a few of the recent texts:

All of us on the Schedulefly Crew tip our hats to restaurant owners every day. You are inspiring and it’s a ton of fun and a great honor to serve you.


Nation’s Restaurant News features lessons from our book

It’s “our book” only because we put the words onto paper and went through the publishing process. I actually view Restaurant Owners Uncorked as a book that belongs to the twenty owners who are featured. It’s composed of their stories. It contains their advice. Their wisdom.

Fortunately, the folks at Nation’s Restaurant News agree that what those twenty owners had to say was meaningful and valuable. And recently they ran this article, featuring a few of the uncommon lessons that came from the interviews. They even decided to run it in their best selling issue of the year, their Top 100 issue, to give the article maximum exposure.

We’ve got more articles coming in the next few months in various restaurant publications. Articles featuring great advice from restaurant owners who were kind enough to share their thoughts and their stories with anybody wise enough to want to learn.


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