Make your friends jealous…

The folks at Rickshaw Dumplings sent us this video of a couple of staff members telling why they make their friends jealous with Schedulefly. This is a fun vid, filmed while they are driving their food truck to their location for the day in NYC.Y'all are an awesome team and we're stoked to make life... Continue Reading →

"Doing what I love"

Kenny Lao, co-owner of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in NYC sent this incredible picture in response to our request from users for pics of them doing things they enjoy outside of work. Kenny told me he is "Doing what I love" in this pic. We're excited about all of the cool, fun pictures we've received so... Continue Reading →

Enjoying life…

Rob from Asbury Park, NJWe're collecting photos of Schedulefly users doing the things they love to do outside of work. Schedulefly saves them tons of time and hassles from dealing with┬árestaurant scheduling issues, and frees them up to spend more time enjoying life.Rob from Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, NJ sent this incredible picture of... Continue Reading →

Thanks Laird

Last year I watched a documentary called "Riding Giants." It's basically a history of big wave riding, and introduces you to various legends of the sport. I'm not a surfer, but I enjoy outdoor activities, and I had heard good things about this film. A key character is a guy named Laird Hamilton. Laird has... Continue Reading →

Lunch with a view

This is the River's Edge restaurant at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. I recently posted about being there, and visited again Tuesday to mountain bike in the 96 degree heat. Not smart. But the upside was that they have a great restaurant with WiFi, so I cooled down with an awesome meal, whipped out my... Continue Reading →

We do things the chains can’t do…

Well known Chef Tim Creehan had this to say in response to our question about how independent restaurants compete with chains:"We prepare fresh local ingredients daily and our features can change daily with our beverage and food program, something chains could never execute.We educate and train staff on a daily basis to out pace server... Continue Reading →

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