I wish I had never said these words to my wife: “Hey Lonny, let’s get a Bluray DVD player so we can stream Netflix movies to our TV and listen to Pandora on it.”

Over a month after we bought that player, we are still having problems. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with a large phone company and a large cable company that shall go unnamed here, I’ve been to a big box electronics retailer more times than I had been to it in my entire life, and I now have in-home networking support guy scheduled to come to my house for the second time. I’ve dealt with “static IP” issues and “DNS Sever” issues and “Cat 5” issues that nobody can figure out. Install people that only know how to help with PCs when I have a Mac. And on and on and on.

We’ve all been there, and we all know what it’s like to feel helpless, frustrated, angry, and tired of each person you talk to blaming somebody else’s equipment and telling you to call that company. An endless loop. A whirlpool draining down into misery and taking you with it.

With that, I promise our customers you’ll never deal with this stuff with Schedulefly. You won’t deal with flaky POS integration that breaks when you need it most but when you call us, we blame the POS provider and we are unable to help you with your problem (in other words, don’t expect to see us build POS integration). You won’t deal with so many settings and rules and buttons and tabs that Schedulefly is so hard to operate that you want to just return to using pencil and paper. You won’t deal with overseas customer support people who you finally get on the phone after 20 minutes of waiting, and after 30 minutes on the phone with them, and you have to repeat everything you say – very slowly – they finally decide can’t help you, and they “escalate” your request to “Level 3 support” and transfer you, and after 10 more minutes of holding you are cut off. Dial tone. Do not pass Go, do not collect an answer, please go directly to technology jail.

And while I have your attention, thank you very much for your business! We appreciate it very much, and we’ll always stay focused on making your life easier.