The story behind Simply Crepes…

I’m a sucker for stories about how restaurants got started. I love hearing them. I love learning about the path that an owner followed from vague idea to crystalizing that idea to starting a business to running a successful restaurant. To me, things like recipes that have been in a family for generations and weaving in a narrative of how an idea blossomed as a family traveled the world are very enticing. Here’s the Simply Crepes story in their words…

“For centuries, the term crêpe has made people’s minds swirl with images of the romantic sidewalk cafés of Paris. A warm breeze, elegant decor and a ready waiter are usually a part of the scene. Yet, a crêpe does not have to be thought of as a lavish treat. It’s simply a wonderful meal.

With a French Canadian background, the wondrous scent of crêpes cooking is one of the simple joys of life for the Héroux family. The mouth watering recipe used at home and now at the restaurant has been passed down through generations. What makes it special is its versatility. Creating crêpes that can be either sweet or savory. Traditionally, the Héroux family served pure maple syrup produced from the family’s own sugar bush in Quebec, Canada. Today, the pure maple syrup that is used is supplied by New York State producers.

Pierre Héroux’s career path led him and his family to Tokyo, Japan for part of their lives. And while they traveled much of the world, including France, most of their time was spent in the hustle and bustle of the narrow, crowded streets of Tokyo. As the family became more familiar with the varied districts of Tokyo, one common aspect was clear. Small crêpe stands thrived, serving fresh fruit and ice cream filled crêpes.

The Héroux family has taken this wonderful concept of a crêpe from the tranquil sugar bushes of Canada, the romantic cafés of France, the crowded streets of Japan, and is proud to bring this unique, fresh, healthy dish to the Rochester community.”

For me, it’s the story that sells. Of course the food and service need to be great, but what really hooked me here – what won me over and made me want to be in Pittsford, NY so I could stroll into Simply Crepes on a lazy Tuesday morning – is Pierre’s story. Don’t have your story on your restaurant’s web site? Why not? It’s a great selling point and one aspect nobody can replicate!