Scratch your own itch: Sam Rubin

Wes created the weekly schedule for a restaurant while in college in the 90's, and thought the paper-based schedule his restaurant and most other restaurants used was inefficient and frustrating. The schedule was irrelevant within minutes of being posted!He became an IT consultant after graduating, and in his spare time he built an easy web-based... Continue Reading →

Coupons and the mad race to the bottom

Recently we asked some restaurant owners and managers 2 questions: Which trends happening in your industry in 2012 excite you most and which ones concern you?The responses have been fun to read and will make for a great article somewhere. There is a common theme occurring with many of them and a handful of them... Continue Reading →

Dominating a niche…

Recently I was at the store and decided to buy a dark chocolate bar. As looked at the options, this bar caught my attention immediately. While other bars had relatively similar wrappers, mostly with big writing and a focus on how good their chocolate is, the Salazon wrapper uses an image to capture the attention... Continue Reading →

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