Arch Rock Fish is movin’ books…

Check out this awesome book stand displayed prominently at Arch Rock Fish. Co-owners Jeremiah Higgins and Scott Leibfried were each interviewed for our book, which has received 10 reviews on Amazon, 9 of which were “5 star” reviews (the holdout gave it 4 stars – tough audience!).

The book receives great reviews because the interviews are full of the practical wisdom and advice and philosophies that have helped the twenty owners we interviewed be successful. Reading it is like sitting in each owner’s restaurant during off hours, asking him over a beer how he got in the business, or what has made her successful. The interviews were lightly edited, but for the most part the book is simply a recording of twenty conversations we had. No “you must do these ten things” lists, and no checklists for success. Rather, it gives you different perspectives and lets you determine which will work best for you. And people are buying several copies every day, consistently, and we’re stoked to see that. We know it’s helping people improve their chances for success.

Back to Arch Rock Fish. Jeremiah, Scott, and their team are full of energy and passion for what they are doing, and I’m inspired every time I hear from them. If you are ever near Santa Barbara, stop by. You’ll have a great time in a very welcoming atmosphere, and you’ll leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.