Growin’ up with Mellow Mushroom…

Casey Fox owns a couple of Mellow Mushroom locations in the Raleigh/Durham area in N.C., and he was our first customer. He’s the first person who was innovative enough to give our software a try, back when it was running on a server in Wes’s closet.

As I’ve watched the Mellow Mushroom brand grow and learned about their business philosophies, I’m not surprised at all that one of their folks was the first to give Schedulefly a whirl. Mellow Mushroom probably has 100 or so locations right now, but to quote their web site, “While we remain wholly dedicated to making every visit to every location just as great as your last visit, we’re not some cookie cutter ‘sameness’ machine.” Owners like Casey have lots of autonomy to make good business decisions to help their locations be successful, and that leads to experiences like I’ve had at the various Mellow Mushrooms I’ve visited: the food and beer are always very good, but each location clearly has it’s on identity – it’s own vibe. They feel like single location indie restaurants, and they are fun, relaxing, unique places to visit no matter which one you drop into.

We’re stoked to know that the folks from the MM corporate office are recommending that new locations use Schedulefly. They thankfully aren’t requiring it (we like it when people choose to use Sfly – not when they are forced to), but rather they are telling new owners why all of the other locations that use Schedulefly love it. I also think our culture is a lot like Mellow Mushroom’s: we run a great business, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to keep things simple and fun.

A new location is opening near my house soon, and I can’t wait. If they think our software can help them, they’ll use it. If they don’t, they won’t. Either way, I know I’ll enjoy myself and feel at home every time I go, and they’ll never get any sales pressure from me.


(Here’s a fun example of a video one of the locations created to show how easy Schedulefly is):