Mario Batali’s Lupa Restaurant joins the Schedulefly family

Let me start by saying every single time a business owner hands over their hard earned dollars in exchange for our software – I am just so proud. I am proud of what Tyler, Wil and I have accomplished so far and that business owners find that our software is worth paying for and makes their lives easier. It’s incredibly satisfying every time it happens.

Now and then someone joins the family that is famous for being a restaurateur. We built this software for restaurants, so when someone that is a publicly known expert at running really great independent restaurants becomes a customer – it’s pretty cool! I am not any more proud of them being a customer than anyone else of course, it just sort of confirms that we are solving a real problem for this industry and hitting the nail on the head.

Well, 2 nights ago my wife and I were watching Piers Morgan and Mario Batali was his guest. Mario is, of course, a famous chef, writer and TV personality who owns successful restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Singapore. As soon as he came on I looked over at my wife and said “Hey, did you know one of his NYC restaurants is a customer of ours?” She flipped. She was like “NO WAY! Which one?”. I told her Lupa Restaurant in NYC. She though it was so cool and asked if I thought Mario himself used Schedulefly and I started laughing. “Nah, I doubt it, but maybe someone on his team has mentioned it to him as being a helpful tool that are now using – who knows”. Either way, it’s cool to have them in the family.

So anyway, welcome to the crew at Lupa! And by the way, I bought a pair of orange Crocs that I wear whenever communicating with anyone on the Lupa team. It just feels right.