That there’s an RV. It’s a good looking vehicle, ain’t it?

Wil and I are kicking around an idea for next spring or summer – a whirlwind trip to visit some really awesome customers on the east coast – likely just places north of NC where we live – but who knows. Every week (every day really) we are growing the Schedulefly family by welcoming amazing restaurants all over the country (and in Canada) that we’ve never been too, but wish we could. Often I forward the website of a new customer to my family (my Mom and Dad and sister are big fans of fun unique restaurants and love to travel) because it looks so good and unique and fun and they always respond with “WOW! My mouth is watering. One day, Weston, you need to go on some kind of tour and visit these places and meet them and try their beer, gobble down their tacos, scarf their pizza, thank them for their business etc.”.

Well, we think it’s time. So we are thinking we will do a 3 or 4 day road trip in a rented RV. We will rent as cheap of an RV as we can find and hit some of our favorite customers in NC, VA,MD, NY and Washington DC – actually as many as we can hit every day while we are gone. An RV is perfect because it gets us where we need to go and we can sleep in it. I’ve always wanted to sleep in an RV in a parking lot anyway. The agenda is up in the air and we would let everyone know ahead of time that we are coming because we plan on getting it all on film. The journey, the food, the staff, the drinks – all of it.

We want people who visit our website to see these amazing, successful restaurants that use our software and of course we want to meet them in person, eat their food, try their drinks and hang out with them. It should be awesome – like a documentary of sorts. A trip that just has to be made….

The only problem I can think of with this trip (besides picking the places to go visit) is where are the owners going to let us park this?