Made by hand…

This documentary series about people in Brooklyn making cool stuff by hand is incredible. They’ve posted three vids so far: “The Beekeeper,” “The Knife Maker” and “The Distiller.”

This stuff is so inspiring and motivating. I love seeing people find something they are passionate about enough to do it not for the money, but for the love of what they do. And I believe that following that path will ultimately lead you to make lots of money, but the money is not the objective. It’s just one of the benefits.

Wes didn’t write the code for Schedulefly to make money. He did it to help a few folks he knew that owned restaurants. He did it because he loved creating it. He did it because it was something he woke up excited to work on every morning. In fact, these folks should create a documentary about Wes – because every line of our code has been “made by hand” – his hands. And it’s done with the same passion and love that you’ll see in the videos in this series.