2011 was a terrific year at Schedulefly

2011 has been a really cool year for Schedulefly and we hit a number of milestones. One that really gets me skipping to work these days is that we have now have more than 100,000 end users in our family of customers! What’s so cool about this is that since we don’t inflict any annoying sales pressure on prospects and even encourage them to get feedback from their staff before deciding to join our family, the bulk of these 100,000 people have become sales people for us.

They like what we do, it makes their lives a tad bit easier so they tell others in the industry about us. They have friends that work at the restaurant around the corner and they tell them about us. Managers who use us switch jobs and set us up there at their new gig on day one. Restaurant staff who use us take on a second job and tell their new manager about it. They attend conferences and meetings for their franchise and talk about us there…some have even given presentations about us. They hear about our book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked, from a friend, read it, and learn about us that way and give us a try. Owners that were featured in our book have book signings and proudly display the book at their establishment (see pic above at Arch Rock Fish). They proudly display Schedulefly badges on their own websites. There are countless ways that restaurants are finding out about us because of our growing number of users…

We are blessed and thankful for such a great 2011 and really look forward to the new year.

Happy New Year!