Tell somebody what Schedulefly does and they’ll tell you we should go after all sorts of other industries than just restaurants. I guarantee it.

It’s not surprising though. Most businesses don’t relentlessly focus on dominating a niche. But we do. We love focusing. We love getting deeper and deeper into our niche. We love putting on blinders and not paying attention to all of the other noise out there and channeling every bit of energy we have into growing our business within the restaurant segment.

But why? Why not “diversify your revenue stream” (that’s a common question we get). Why not dominate lots of segments? Why leave money on the table? Why…..Why….Why???

Well, here are a few thoughts on this (and on why this blog title is “$80,000,000”):


P.s. 166,000 restaurants * $40/month * 12 months = $79,680,000 per year so I rounded up to $80,000,000 for dramatic effect 🙂