Why we stopped Tweeting (and our formula for a successful business)

We used to believe a traditional, conventional formula for success would apply to Schedulefly:

Simple app + Great support + Sales + Marketing + Twitter + Facebook + Blog + Partnerships = Success!!!!

But that formula was too long for us. Too many factors involved. We couldn’t get all of them right all of them time. Couldn’t do them all extremely well. And we don’t like to do things around here unless we do them very well.

So we set out to cut the formula in half. And while it will always start with “Simple app + Great support,” we’ve narrowed the additional factors from six to three:

Simple app + Great support + Articles + Book + Blog = Success!!!!

Here’s a vid of me breaking this down a little further, and explaining why this formula works (for us).

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m at wbrawley [at] schedulefly [dot] com.