When I was interviewing each of the twenty restaurant owners featured in our book, Restaurant Owners Uncorked (“ROU”), I kept thinking how incredible it was to have the opportunity to conduct the interviews. It was awesome to be able to write their words into our book, but hearing them speak them is something entirely different.

Hearing the inflection in their voices, the passion that comes out at certain points, they way to hit home on key points…you can’t capture that all in text. So while it’s great to read these interviews in the book, listening to them takes the content to another level.

(Of course, watching them speak is better than anything, and that’s why I am heading to Boulder today to film the second of the first three episodes of our new Restaurant Owners Uncorked (ROU) video series.)

And then it hit me recently that I still have all of the ROU interviews recorded. They are unedited, and they are awesome. I can’t release all of them because some owners requested a few comments be struck from the interviews, but there are a few that we can share. So we’ll start here with Jeff Gigante, owner of Ciccio & Tony’s restaurant group in Tampa, FL.

While we’re at it, we’re also going to start re-posting the original interviews that we did for our restaurant owner podcast series in 2010. They are the interviews that inspired the idea for the book, and they are fantastic. Stay tuned for those…


P.s. My buddy Trip reminded me of how cool it would be to have podcasts of these interviews available. We’ll be getting them up on iTunes soon!