"What if Google launched online scheduling?"

Some thoughts on why we don’t operate out of a sense of fear, and why we wouldn’t worry if some company like Google threw a bunch of money into competing in our space…

Sometimes when I create these video posts I don’t remember all of the key points I wanted to make, because I don’t use a script. I simply stand in front of the camera and start talking. And unless I flub something, I try to do it in one take (which is why I need to write more often than film my posts).

Probably the best analogy I could use is one Scott Maitland used in our book. He told me that local intimate knowledge is his restaurant’s strength while being a chain’s Achilles heel. He’ll always have local intimate knowledge of his community, as we will always have local intimate knowledge of the independent restaurant community (since that’s all we focus on). While a chain can’t compete with Scott’s ties with and intimate knowledge of his community, nor could Google or any well-funded competitor compete with our ties to and intimate knowledge of our community.