Last night I arrived home from a trip to Breckenridge, CO with seven of my buddies. Here I am at 12,840 feet. My five year old son saw this pic and said, "Cool! Daddy, you look like a black Power Ranger!!!"Not my intent of course, but I like the description. It was around two degrees... Continue Reading →

Where our customers live…

I stumbled across this really cool word cloud creator called Wordle. It lets you enter in a bunch of text or link to a blog feed and it will create a “word cloud” of the text - which like a tag cloud – make the words that appear more frequently in the text bigger. I... Continue Reading →


I'm turning myself in. Busting myself. You see, I've mentioned many times on our blog that we don't have any sales people, and we prefer that people find out about Schedulefly from word-of-mouth, or through our book, or perhaps from one of the articles we've written, etc. But last night I hung out with a... Continue Reading →

The first coffee shop book interview…

Yesterday I conducted the first interview for our upcoming book of interviews with successful coffee shop owners. I spoke with JD Merget of Oslo Coffee in Brooklyn. JD has a palpable passion for coffee, and since he opened the door of his first location eight years ago, he's opened two more locations and started roasting... Continue Reading →

Handmade Schedulefly Bar Coasters!

My sister, Holly Aiken, made us some really cool Schedulefly coasters. She is a handbag designer and makes great looking, indestructible products! Like the rest of the stuff she makes - these coasters are simple, unique and crazy functional. They are made out of vinyl so they can literally be hosed down if needed. We... Continue Reading →

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