I’m turning myself in. Busting myself. You see, I’ve mentioned many times on our blog that we don’t have any sales people, and we prefer that people find out about Schedulefly from word-of-mouth, or through our book, or perhaps from one of the articles we’ve written, etc.

But last night I hung out with a buddy and watched N.C. State blow a 21-point second half lead to Duke. Really? No, seriously…Really???? Anyway, we went to a new place in Charlotte and it’s just a plain ‘ole cool joint that has a great staff and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope they’ll become a customer. So I sent this email to the GM today…


My buddy and I ate dinner and hung out at your bar last night. Ryan and your crew took great care of us – that’s cool how they are good at remembering names, and I appreciated the generous amount of Woodford Reserve in my glass.

If y’all ever need a simple solution for staff scheduling and communication, check out http://www.schedulefly.com. I’m one of the owners of the business, and while we take pride in not having a sales force and growing instead by word of mouth, when I visit a cool place like yours I sometimes mention our app. Other local joints that use it are Mez, Duckworth’s, Bricktops, 131 Main, American Roadside, and a handful of others.

Anyway, keep up the great work and I’m sure I’ll be back.

Wil Brawley

So there you go. We are transparent on this blog so I can’t say that we don’t ever try to sell anybody on Schedulefly. In fact I’ll post an update each time we do. Though that email is not exactly a very strong sales effort, and I will promise that Brandon won’t hear from me again. I figure if staff scheduling and communication are a headache for him, he may check out our site. If not, he won’t. Either way, if and when he does need a simple solution, I’m confident he’ll find us and then we’ll let the chips fall where they may as to whether he decides to become a customer, because one thing we will never do is apply any sales pressure to anybody using our free 30-day trial.